Mercedes-Benz 230 GE

Запрашиваемая цена
Местонахождение: Нидерланды
Производитель:Mercedes Benz
Модель:Mercedes Benz 230 GE
Год изготовления: 1995
Oсь конфигурация 4 WD
привод Left hand

Now for sale for immediate delivery: large stock proven quality Mercedes-Benz 230 GE 4WD pick-ups, gasoline version, 85kw/115hp, 4 cylinder, year of manufacture 1988-1995, low mileage, good condition. Completely serviced and delivered with new tyres (including spare tyre) and sprayed in the desired colour. Price € 14.950, - ex VAT. Additional price new cabinhood € 225, - ex VAT. Additional price new canvas hood total € 575, - ex VAT. Multiple units available. We will send you detailed specifications on request. Please contact our sales advisors.

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