Rigo RT 500

Запрашиваемая цена€ 49,500
Местонахождение: Нидерланды
Модель:Rigo RT 500
Год изготовления: 2006
серийный номер A00060

Drive: Wheel
Used Rigo RT500 in working condition for sale

Crane with standard boom from 10,5 to 35 meter

Hook-block with 4 part lines - 8,5 tons counterweight - 16.00 25 Wheels

Axles 2 x 16 tons
Total 32 tons

Slewing 0 - 1,5 rpm

Telescoping time 50/sec
Boom elevation 45/sec

Drive: 4x4x4

Engine Iveco turbo after-cooled a 6 cylinder in line, water cooled, developing
230 HP (169 kW) at 2.300 rpm. Fuel tank 200 liter.

Transmission Hydrostatic transmission with pump and variable displacement hydraulic
motor; 2 forward and 2 reverse speeds.

Not CE marked. This machine is solely for export outside Europe.

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