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Местонахождение: Нидерланды
Производитель:Speed Star
Модель:Speed Star SS2500/SS40
Год изготовления: 1996
складской номер E02604AT
вес 38,600.00 kg

Field of application: Construction
Condition undercarriage: 100%. Speedstar SS2500/SS40 water drilling rig, mounted on heavy duty oilfield tandem axle trailer with Leveling Jacks, Triple Drum Draw Works, Twin (2) Detroit diesel 471 Deck engines with manual transmission, 18 inch rotary table, 18m hydraulically raised mast, (Mast replaced in 2010), with hook block, swivel, operators control station and console, new 11.00-20 tyres. This drilling rig has new paint, is repaired and is in clean condition. Truck is not included.

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